Real-Time : The Day I Lost My Tooth + Other Stories

Everything to love, here ;) How much do you want to hug her.

The other day I lost a tooth, another tooth. This one is right in the middle on the bottom. Of course it had been loose for a very long time and I had just kept holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed. I especially wanted it intact for the opening reception of my show.

So out it came. The first two days I made a splint from a thin strip of gauze and super glue. It worked okay except the gauze became very rough and started working a hole in my lip. Before long I had a canker sore so that was the end of that and besides, who needs toxic crap like super glue draining down her neck.

And what happened next astounded me. It stunned me to such a degree that I thought I was making things up. Because what I saw in the mirror I LIKED!! I like have the coolest Johnny Depp flair now, just enough flaw to show my tenacity, my fierce, my fucking BOUNCE.

No despair, Faith said. She's a character of Grace Paley's. Faith sure knew how to keep her chin up. Faith saw me through a bunch of really rough waters.

And this happened while everything else is going on, as my time here just races to the damn finish line. My god it seems to crawl sometimes. But every minute is filled so it's not as though I'm not on exactly the right timeline I need to be.


Hallelujah and Amen.

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