So Long Farewell Goodbye and Good Luck

Say so long to the formidable Mt Rainier and living beneath it and say so long to Mt Hood and the black dogs while you're at it. All of the mountains, the Cascades, Ochocos, Strawberries and the Blues where you first heard the whispering ghosts of the women who walked the prairies and the trail, pocketing pieces of obsidian.

Goodbye to the Columbia River Girl Scout Council, Hancock Street, the Lutheran church and the gritty-growing-up boulevard.

Goodbye Pacific Northwest, 1958 to 2012 and 2015 to 2016 to return and say goodbye again and I mean it this time.

Man I ran your streets hard Portland. Dodging in and out man around and back.

Say farewell to the waterfront and the Hawthorne district, Uptown, Powell's and the Crystal Ballroom. Farewell to the central library where you first heard the voice of Scout and Ponyboy, Nick Adams and Willa Cather. All the rebel kids man, all the outlaws. Music Millennium and meeting Jesse Colin Young there, the Paramount Theater and all The Rats, the Hilton where you walked with Jackson Browne through the lobby and the auditorium where you worked as a stage hand and danced with Sid Caesar.

And good luck to your birthplace where the Fat Boy plutonium was made.

Peace out. And learn to grow some food!

--Virginia Beach, January 2016

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