Backstory : Because The Hippies Won

Crystal Ballroom Squatters, Artists and Bohemians, Sheila and Gary.

Why Lightning Rose?

Because the hippies won.

And because long ago some very extraordinarily kind hippies took me in. At the time they were living in the Crystal Ballroom which, according to Wikipedia was "from the 1970s through the mid-1990s ... a residence for squatters, artists and bohemians, who used it as studio space ..."

During my time there it was curated by the amazing squatter/artist/bohemian Gary Ewing, co-creator of the Traveling Tranquility Circus, light show producer and concert poster illustrator, who saved it from the wrecking ball for a decade and who often gets overlooked in its history. He's in the photo above directly behind the ultimate Goddess Sheila.

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