Now You're Just Making It Up As You Go Along

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters and incidents are the product of the author's imagination 

and any resemblance to actual persons, 
living or dead, 

to any ex-husbands, managers, or gym teachers, 

spiritual advisors, security guards, 
Mexicans, Democrats, offspring and stagehands, parents, 

small press editors, murder confession transcriptors, PDX hipsters, sound engineers, stilt walkers ...

gurus, methods or teachers,

to any business establishments, 

any venues, cafes, art galleries, bookstores and opera houses ...

Ponderosa Inns, I84, I5South and Highway One Oh One, family reunions, east coast airports, military bases, night school classrooms, emergency wards, maternity wards, libraries, funerals, 

rest stops, truck stops, basements, night courts, food trucks, ICUs, backstages, gym clubs, gun clubs, jazz clubs, punk clubs, abortion clinics, homeless shelters, voting booths, needle exchangers, rehearsal rooms, head shops, Apple stores, principals' offices, cop cars, jet airliners, crack houses, Lutheran schools, EDGES OF CLIFFS AND TRUNKS OF CARS

benders, tears, rips, spirals, cycles, roller coasters ...

...any suicidal tendencies
issues with authority
arrested development
inappropriate behavior

are purely incidental
and entirely coincidental.

August, 2015
Spanaway, WA

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